Time to rest.

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How many people does it take to make me realise I need to rest? 

The answer is probably too many!
Edinburgh is now fading in to the archives of just another race and after feeling fine all week after the race, running a bit easier, doing less miles, I went to the track on Tuesday (3rd June) to see the usual Edinburgh AC Saughton squad and join them for the session. 
Tuesday's session was 10min tempo run, which was to be about 30 seconds slower than my usual mile reps, so that was a tempo run of 6 minute a mile pace, followed by 10 reps of 400 - 500 metres. 

After a good warm up we headed off at our pace, it felt much harder than it should and after 6 mins I stopped. I just couldn't keep the legs going and not surprisingly our Coach said "You look heavy legged out there!", this was the first time I felt that the marathon was still in my legs and in a way, I was glad! For over a week I've felt my legs were fine, that I could have given more on the day but now I know my legs did take a hammering during the 26.2 miles. 
I joined the squad for another lap of the track to finish the 10 minutes. 

Next was the 10 reps, usually I'm sitting between the 425 metres and 450 metres mark for these reps. The plan is that everyone is running to a handicap and we should all finish together after each rep. On Tuesday I was told to go to the 400 metre line and just do 10 400's. Even that was tough at times! I managed them all but it was time to listen to everyone's advice and to take some time off. 

Wednesday I went to see a Physio who was recommended by other club members, Cath Ferry. It was an hour consultation to find out how I'm doing, what I've been running etc etc. I've been in contact with Cath via twitter for a while but never properly met face to face. 
After 30 mins of chatting it was time to find out how my legs were doing. In simple terms, they were tight!

It was time to rest!

Fast forward a week and a bit of complete rest, no running at all and I've been out running for the past 3 days and I'm really enjoying running again. My legs are tired and it's as if I haven't ran before but it's good to be out. 

Friday was the Black Rock 5 race, which is always fun. A bit of road, a lot of sand, a paddle in the Forth and then back again to then finish on a mighty climb! 
I probably didnt give it my all but to be honest, I was feeling heavy (weight, not legs!) and so I just went to enjoy it. Which I did. Even managed to pass a couple of people on the hill finish. 

A photo may follow! 

Today was a really hot recovery run, after yesterday's Sunday run (12 miles). Nice and easy 5.5 mile run at lunch time but the sun was beating down on me, which in a way forced me to run slower. 

Now that I'm back running again I'm going to start blogging more as well, even if it's just a couple of thoughts from the past week. 
This is now the road to Amsterdam Marathon (or will it be the half marathon?!)

Owain Williams

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