Unplanned speedwork!

15 minutes. That's how long I reckoned I'd take to run from the flat, down the road to the park where Mandy was running, turn around and get back to the flat.

15 of the longest minutes of my life. 

I checked my watch and I actually ran it in 13 minutes, but why did I only have 15 minutes? 

Let's go back 20 minutes. 

Mandy had headed out for a run and I'd planned on meeting up with a couple of people in the Pentlands for a couple of hours running. Before I left, I started running a bath for Mandy for her return.

The weather looked ideal for a Pentlands run so I decided to make a short video of the day. The video would start with me leaving the flat, jumping into the car etc and then running on the trails. 

I setup the camera outside the flat door, went back inside the flat and recorded myself coming out of the flat and walking past the camera.


That was the door closing behind me.
That was the door locking behind me.
That was almost the sound my head made when I hit it off the wall when I realised I hadn't lifted my house keys!
That was the noise my hand made when I tried to force the door open because I could still hear the water running and slowly filling the bath! 

15 minutes. That's how long I reckoned I'd take to run from the flat, down the road to the park where Mandy was running, turn around and get back to the flat.......I met Mandy in the park, collected her house key off her and shot back up the road again. 

Getting to the house, sprinting up the 3 flights of stairs and dashing into the bathroom to find the bath literally on the brink of overflowing! I was lucky! 

Once my heart rate had settled a bit, I made sure I had the house keys and then I jumped in the car, met Mandy back in the park, gave her the keys back  and headed out to the Pentlands. 

I planned to meet up with Luke and Hazel Robertson along with Robert Turner for an ashmei ambassador team run and then hopefully bump into Nienke Oostra who was out training on her mountain bike in the Pentlands as well. Unfortunately, Luke was suffering from plantar fasciitis and with their mammoth adventure just around the corner, they took a raincheck on the run. We still spent an hour standing in Flotterstone carpark though chewing the fat about all things running and it was great to meet them and hear all about their Due North: Alaska adventure (http://duenorthalaska.com/). I can't wait to hear all about it when they return! Good luck guys!

Robert was AWOL and as we weren't scheduled to meet Nienke until about 1, I had to cancel on her as well as it was still only 10am! 

To say Sunday was a bit of a stressful / unplanned sort of day would have been an understatement! 


This week has been better though, I've got all my main training runs in and tonight is my final marathon paced run before Stirling marathon in just over 2 weeks time. I'll try and get a blog on next week which will look back at my training. I may even say what my A, B and C plans are for the big day.

In the meantime have a great weekend everyone! 

Owain Williams

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