Wednesday hillwork

Yesterday I took a day off. It wasn't the plan but due to meetings at work and also getting the estate agent out to my flat I just didn't get a chance. 

Woke up this morning and I honestly thought I had ran yesterday and ran hard! My legs felt like lead but no matter what I was heading out tonight. 

Finished work and got home, got changed and headed out. The first mile or two I still had really heavy legs, this wasn't a good sign since I had already tweeted that I was going around Arthurs Seat 3 times. First time was up around the road as usual but half way around I decided to throw in a different challenge. I headed up the steep ledge which is just under the crags. It was steep, it was loose under foot but it felt great to get to the top. Just wished I had my camera because the view was amazing out over Dynamic earth, over Holyrood park and the Castle and Fife in the distance.

The third was up through the middle. I've never ran that way but it's a route I would do again. 

The aim for the evening was 10 miles but the route ended up being a bit more than that, but considering the route, I'm pretty pleased with the average pace. 

Will see how my legs are tomorrow but I think I may and try and do this session once a week, I think it will be really good for getting hill work in to my legs and build up my aerobic fitness. 

There were a load of runners going around the seat tonight, some of them waved back, one of them even gave me a nod and a smile as we both passed each other a couple of times during the run. It was almost an acknowledgement that we were both crazy going around and around the seat. 

Back to the 10 miles a day for the next couple of weeks, plus the HP sessions. 

Owain Williams

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