Welcome to 2013!

Happy New Year!!

Six days since I posted my last blog and I said I would continue it with a round up of the year. The round up is as simple as this - I needed to run faster!

I managed to get the two main goals of my year done, that was to win Tiree 10k and also get my sub 3 hour marathon however, my overall year times for many of my distances had got slower. The simple reason for that was I hadn't had the winter training that I usually would have had if I had ran Edinburgh or any spring marathon. I just hadn't put the training in.

With the Olympics finished on the TV and my new aim of seeing just how quickly I can cover 26.2 miles, training has increased and I have new focus for 2013.

The first race of the year was Portobello Promathon and I finished in 31st place which I was happy with. I was faster than last year and that was with a head wind. I have also been down to the Edinburgh parkrun a number of times this year and my times have also got faster on each visit and there have also been some head winds during those races so everything is heading in the correct direction again. Now with about 18 weeks of training until London Marathon it's all go!

My training has been a mix of track work, treadmill training and longer runs. Last week for example was 6 miles at 6min/mi pace on the treadmill, 10 x 300m in 54-57 seconds and then a parkrun. These sessions were also part of double runs at slower pace.

This week will be more of the same, but more of it since Christmas and New year are now out the way. Today I have ran 4 miles first thing this morning at a nice easy pace and tonight I plan on running 11 miles back to my flat from the office. The pace will be a mix of easy and hard efforts. Probably something a bit like the fartlek session I ran last month when I wrote my blog about playing with traffic. Just now looking out the window it's dark and throwing it down with rain so the sooner I can get home the better!!

Tomorrow will be an easy 4 miles either in the morning or during my lunch break and then a track session in the evening. I think it might be 1 mile reps.
Wednesday will be again 4 miles in the morning and then a session on the treadmill or the track, I think it might be the treadmill and this time its 7 miles at 6min/mi pace. The aim is to get it up to 10 miles and then to get it easier to maintain - an hour on a treadmill is going to be tough going but I have my ipod loaded up with films!

Thursday is easy 4 miles and then again track session in the evening, not sure what coach has in store for me on that session.
Friday is just an easy run or a day off, might do 6 or so miles but nothing too tough as I will be running Broxburn XC on Saturday and then on Sunday it's an 18 mile. Then we start all over again.

I may go back to a more indepth look at 2012 but I would prefer to look to the future, I know 2012 wasn't the best year for my running - my RunBritianRanking.com stats show that.

From the graph below you can see how things started to improve from Loch Ness Marathon onwards. I'm hoping the graph will continue to rise over the next 12 months.


After Broxburn I will no doubt do more parkruns but I will also be doing the Pitreavie AAC Road Runners championship races this year which include Devilla Forest 15k, Alloa Half Marathon, Kinross 10k, Loch Leven Half Marathon, Milnathort Dash, Brig Bash 5, Ceres 8 , Pitlochry 10k, Giffordtown 5k, Templeton 10 and any marathon. London is on the cards but I may also do another marathon at the end of the year. We will see.

Owain Williams

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