Wet Wednesday

I know its been less than 24 hours since my last post but I just felt like adding something to the site.

The weather, if you haven't noticed or you are reading this on a beach somewhere sunny, is very very wet outside. It really feels like winter is either here or just around the corner.

I tweeted earlier saying I really wasn't looking forward to going out and was even considering either missing my session on the track or going on the treadmill instead. This is when @richardmeade13 tweeted:

Just think of how many of your competitors will stay in today- your chance to get an advantage! #winner

Well that was enough to give me the kick up the rear that I needed. I zipped up my man suit and went out in to the rain, however, when I say, zipped up my man suit - I actually mean, put on my shorts and pull on a T-shirt which I thought was mine, it was in my kit drawer at my house, so that should mean its mine, no? The truth is, it was one of Mandy's t-shirts, a size small! It was like a compression top which only just sat above my shorts! I then zipped up my jacket and there was no chance the jacket was coming off. I don't think I would be allowed on a public track looking like that to be honest.

Anyway, with everything zipped up I headed to the track which is a mile away from the office, arrived and got a very strange look from the receptionist - you actually want to use the track....in this weather?

Got on to the track and as usual, I was the only one on it. I really like getting to use this this track, its belongs to Edinburgh Leisure but seems to only get used on a Tuesday and Thursday evening by a local running club, the rest of the time its just me.
I walked around the track, stepping out rough 50 metre gaps which I would use for my recovery and then I was ready to go.

12 x 400 metres, 50 metres recovery between each set, finishing on a 200 metres sprint.

Previous times doing this session have been:

  1. 21 minutes 30 seconds
  2. 21 minutes 44 seconds

Today was

  1. 21 minutes 13 seconds

That was after a 10k speed session last night with the track squad as well! What is even better is it felt pretty easy the whole way round, I actually had to double check my watch to make sure I did enough reps! Happy days!

Last night's session was also pretty good, 5 laps of a loop on the roads in Dunfermline, total distance is just short of 10k (6.14 miles) and I ran it in 37:32 which is close to a seasons best for the distance! Everything is moving in the right direction!

So a big thanks to Richard for the tweet, it was what I needed, even if it was very wet and windy outside!

What made the difference today?

Sitting here I was wondering how my times have come down so quickly, and just briefly there are a number of factors that changed for me today

  • I changed my breakfast, I had 3 weetabix with milk and peanut butter mixed in to it. I usually put mixed fruit in rather than peanut butter
  • I had 3 oatcakes during my morning snack time with some houmous rather than dry.
  • I'm still eating almost 1/2 a loaf of Soreen malt loaf a day but I am also drinking more water during the day as well
  • It was colder today but it was also windier and wetter which did make the track a bit slippery, will need to get used to my track spikes before the winter really kicks in!

Too many things were done differently today to let me say, it was this one thing that made my running better today but I did try and concentrate on my breathing when it was starting to feel a bit harder, but I really didn't feel like I was moving faster or putting more effort in today. Not that I am complaining, to get faster without noticing can only be a good thing! Onwards and upwards!

Owain Williams

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