What colour next?

I've been running in VR Compression sleeves for over a year now and Mandy for the past 6 months. Some people swear by compression socks and sleeves, others say it's all in the persons head, whatever is the truth, I find they help me. 

I've got a couple of pairs now, a blue and navy blue pair and it's time to get another pair. I thought I'd ask you all what colour I should go for. 

Just leave a comment below and what ever gets the most votes, I'll order. 

Colours available in my size are: black, green, red, white or yellow 

If you fancy a pair for yourself, visit the Vital Active website and when it's time to pay, enter the discount code RUNNINGBESIDEME and you'll be rewarded with 10% off. 

I've also been wearing the recovery socks after longer sessions or intense track sessions, last night was one of those intense track sessions and my legs are still dead today! 

The session was 2 sets of 10 minutes at half marathon pace, so 6 minutes per mile pace, followed by 2 sets of 1km at 5k pace, 2 sets of 800 metres, faster than 5k pace, 2 sets of 400 metres at "as fast as you can go" pace and finished on 2 sets of 200 metres. 

It was tough, I ran the 2 sets of 10 with Laura (@lcdunn) and thought I would try and stick with her over the other reps. I managed the 1km reps and held on for the first of the 800s but the second set her and Colin (@cmcg_eac) picked up the pace. I felt like I was going backwards but was pleased to see my split was the same as the previous 800. 

It's funny how you can feel like you are going slower just because others have picked up the pace. 

The 400s, I had nothing left to give, I pushed as hard as I could and it hurt! 

My morning run today was slow, not surprising really! 

This week is going to be lower mileage than normal due to a trip down to London tomorrow with Mandy and then I'll see how next week goes on the run up to the Forth Road Bridge 10k. 

Now, where did I put those recovery socks! 

Owain Williams

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