What comes after the high?

Running a 2:52 marathon still makes me smile but what comes after the high? For me, a very low low.

Soon after completing Stirling Marathon I signed up to my first Ultra marathon, the Run the Blades race which will be held at the end of July. A 50k trail run around the UK's largest on-shore windfarm. It sounded perfect, what I didn't plan for was me not wanting to run - at all! 

Since Stirling marathon I've ran on and off but none of the runs I've done have filled me with excitement or even a little bit of happiness. Each run I've done has felt like a slog. I went for a run on Saturday, 10 miles and cracked out some respectable mile splits but when I finished I felt flat. No high from beasting myself. No feeling of satisfaction. Nothing. 

I've got a couple of days to decide what to do about the ultra. I need to decide whether I step down to the half marathon distance or take on the ultra. If I do take on the ultra there are a couple of things I'm going to need to do. 

  • I'm going to need to want to do it. Whether that means just run the distance or race it. 


Owain Williams

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