What's the point?

Inov8 Talon 212Thursday last week at training was firstly different! Usually on a Thursday evening it's track work night, usually 200m sprints with 1 minute recovery between each, but due to the track being closed just now at Pitreavie we were on the grass outside the club house. Luckily I had been told before hand that we may be on the grass so I packed my Inov8 Talon 212's. I love these shoes, had them for about 3 years now, use them every year for XC races or training on the grass. They are starting to look a bit worn now but still do the job! Tons of grip and nice and light. Also clean really easily with a wash in the shower!

On the grass we were told to run from one cone to the other, as hard as we could, then recover on the way back. The sprints were tough and it didn't help that I miss counted the first set. It was 100m up a slight incline on the grass which was becoming more slippy on each pass. We had to run this hard on each rep, for 20 reps but as I said, I miss-counted and ran 21! After this session it was 20 x 60 metres on the flat, but that was even wetter so it became a short XC sprint.

We did the shorter reps twice with approx 4 or 5 mins recovery between each rep. One of the guys who trains with us ended up starting his reps later than the rest of us so I decided to chum him along for his last 7 reps as well, it was a great session but I did wonder why some people bothered with training. We were told to push it from the first cone to the last cone of the straight, hard efforts, flat out for that 60 or 100 metres but a number of people would ease off about 5 metres from the cone. It wasn't as if they were struggling, some of them were kicking my butt with the pace they were putting in but also there was plenty of room after the cone to slow down - it wasn't a race so getting round the cone quickly wasn't a concern.

I've seen this a couple of times, people putting in less than 100% on the training or they wait until the final rep and really go for it, give it your all on every rep is what I say - unless told otherwise by the coach.

I firmly believe that you get out what you put in, and just now I feel like I can't give much more. What's the point of going to training, not giving it your all, you're not only wasting some of your time (OK, doing something is better than doing nothing...but!), and you are also taking up the time of the coaches. Give it your all on every training session and enjoy the rest days when you get them.

Over the weekend I was pretty busy. Saturday I went out for an easy 10k in Edinburgh, the weather was OK, dry at least and the run pretty uneventful, which was fine. Sunday I was racing at Gorebridge at the Lasswade AC Cross country race. I had been warned that this was a really tough race but to be honest, its not the hardest I've ran. Yes, there are some really tough sections but its proper XC in my mind. Running through fields, along the sides of burns, ankle deep mud, a steep uphill climb, some more mud, a water trap, you name it, this course has it but with all this it also has some pretty flat sections where you can catch your breath.

I really enjoyed it but did find my trusty Inov8 Talons struggled in this terrain, some of the others who were running had 11mm spikes on and they ran much better, I was loosing way too much time in the mud, slipping and sliding and not going forwards. I may need to look at getting XC spikes in the sales.

This week is going to be a bit easier for me. I'm physically tired today and need some rest time. Less running this week, will still go to training on Tuesday and Thursday but will see how the rest of the week goes. I have Glen Clova Half Marathon at the end of the week and I would like to see if I can get sub 1:20 or at least get very close to 1:20. Rested legs will help get that.



Owain Williams

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