You are what you eat

As a runner, I feel I can pretty much eat whatever I want in the knowledge that I'll burn off the calories by simply knocking out my usual 60-70 mile week routine. I have been known in the past to look over the table to Mandy's unfinished dinner and proceed to polish off the leftovers. I guess I'm a cheap alternative to a waste disposal unit in the kitchen. 

I was brought up to finish my plate, maybe not so much to finish anyone else's, but want not waste not!

That was until very recently when I decided to look at other things that might be preventing me from getting faster during races. 

I've read that per pound lost, if your fitness stays the same, you could be looking at a 2 second improvement over a mile. Now, 2 seconds doesn't sound much over a mile, but if you are running a half marathon, that's a 26 second improvement, just by losing weight. If you are also improving your fitness while losing the weight then that race time could drop by a fair amount more! I'll have a bit of that please!

With this in mind I had half heartedly tried to lose weight but failed, I wasn't putting on weight but I wasn't shifting any either so I took the drastic measure of signing up to a bespoke eating plan supplied by Fitnaturally.

You could say that any weight loss that I have had could be put down to not eating everything in sight but my argument would be, I don't feel I need to anymore. I have my 3 meals a day and that's it, unless of course the plan says have something else, for example if it's after a hard run or something similar. 

My track sessions have improved, I feel ready for all of my runs and haven't felt sluggish all month. I feel like a completely new person. 

On top of all of this, I'm getting to try new recipes each night which I cook fresh which I love.

The Chicken, Bacon and mushroom risotto was fantastic and so is the Peanut butter and Basil sourdough sandwich! 

The meals are all planned around my training and races which is great. This bespoke plan does come at a price but to be honest it's worth it to feel this good while running. 

But what happens if I am going away for the weekend? Not a problem, I just send over a menu if the hotel has one online and I'm given options for that meal. Zero thinking required on my part. 

Some of you may have been reading Mandy's blog about her Body Coach program and because we are both on paid for plans, we haven't even been trying each others food. It does mean we are both cooking completely different meals each night but we always try and plan it so we still sit down together to enjoy our dinner together. 

I think I've got another week on the bespoke plan and then I will decide whether to go for another month or change to one of the cheaper plans, that's a discussion I'll have with FitNaturally nearer the time but if the saying is try that you are what you eat, the I'm happy with that! 

What are your thoughts?

On a different note, how warm was it this morning!? It's meant to be December and I was running without my gloves or hat and quickly rethinking the jacket I had pulled on! I'm not complaining really as I'm sure we will get snow soon enough but this does lead to me a question I will be blogging about maybe next week which was submitted to me via twitter. - Men wearing leggings with shorts over the top, what are your thoughts? Leave a comment below. 


Owain Williams

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