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2018-02-23Penrith parkrun - a combined effort

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2019-03-31Tom Scott 10 mile
2019-03-13An interview with Ross Beveridge
2019-03-04Interview with Kristine Storey
2019-02-03Foxtrail Half Marathon Race Report
2018-12-16Decathlon Trail Jacket
2018-11-19Remember, rememeber, train hard it's November
2018-11-04An over due roundup!
2018-09-30Scottish Half Marathon race report
2018-08-12A training update
2018-07-08361 Sensation 3
2018-06-28Scottish Half marathon update
2018-06-07Scottish Half Marathon Ambassador
2018-03-31A round up of everything!
2018-03-26A week of no excuses
2018-02-23Penrith parkrun - a combined effort
2018-01-312018 targets - better late than never.
2017-11-09The woes of an injured runner
2017-10-10Tweed Valley Tunnel Run 20k
2017-10-04A week at Club La Santa
2017-08-31Killin 10k race report
2017-08-10Inov-8 TrailRoc 285 shoes review
2017-06-30Rediscovering Running The Blades
2017-06-01JVC Bluetooth headphones review
2017-05-28Race Report: Stirling Marathon
2017-05-20Stirling marathon - prerace thoughts
2017-05-11parkrun - sometimes you just need to go with it!
2017-05-05Unplanned speedwork!
2017-04-282 marathons and then I was stupid!
2017-04-09The road to Stirling marathon
2017-03-24ashmei #challenge31
2017-03-16Vogrie parkrun
2017-03-07Six races, one winter
2017-02-27Striling marathon only 12 weeks to go!
2017-02-24Just feeling rubbish and a bit low
2017-02-12Foxtrail half marathon
2017-02-10Rubbish at being injured!
2017-02-03ashmei Ambassador Day 2017: an ambassador’s eye view
2017-01-22Foxlake Winter Series - race 4
2017-01-14Racing, training and motivation
2016-12-31A year in pictures
2016-12-30Time for some stats!
2016-12-29Need some motivation but don't race?
2016-12-28Just some ramblings about running
2016-12-27A change is as good as a holiday!
2016-12-265 races you may not know about
2016-12-25Merry Christmas! Morning run done
2016-12-233 tips to keep your motivation up over Christmas
2016-12-22Should I run on Christmas day?
2016-12-21Not as lucky as I thought.
2016-12-20That's more like it!
2016-12-19Did you hear that?
2016-12-18Letting my hair down
2016-12-17Foxtrail Winter Series 16k
2016-12-16Foxtrail pre-race thoughts
2016-12-15So much more to say
2016-12-14Explore your own backyard
2016-12-13Sometimes I surprise myself!
2016-12-12Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!
2016-12-11Fresher than I should be
2016-12-10North Shields 20
2016-12-09eat, sleep, run, repeat
2016-12-08Getting the balance
2016-12-07You are what you eat
2016-12-06Team work
2016-12-05On a morning like this
2016-12-04Hi my name is....
2016-12-03Get it over and done with
2016-12-02Be positive
2016-12-01Foxtrail Winter series race 2
2016-11-10A two race weekend
2016-11-03Antonine trail race
2016-10-245k, half and full marathon
2016-10-12Interview with Marcus
2016-10-03Tweed valley Tunnel run
2016-09-30Give me trail running any day!
2016-09-20Running somewhere different
2016-08-29Barry Buddon Half
2016-08-25Hi! I'm the Beast!
2016-08-10Edinburgh - A wonderful city
2016-08-01Streets and Hills
2016-07-28Time to recharge
2016-07-22Not just the body.
2016-07-11Enjoying my running
2016-06-293 years and a bit of parkrun tourism
2016-06-16Dechmont Law 10k trail race
2016-06-03A look back to 2008
2016-05-19A weekend of running
2016-05-13Run to the Antonine hills!
2016-05-11Another week, another race
2016-05-08Tiree half marathon
2016-04-17Round the houses
2016-04-08Team Road Relays
2016-03-14Inverness half marathon - the day after.
2016-03-11Inverness half marathon, pre-race thoughts
2016-03-08A visit to ashmei hq
2016-03-02Scottish National Cross Country 2015
2016-02-23Devilla 15k trail race
2016-02-09Swapping the runs around
2016-02-04Portobello parkrun plod
2016-01-25Training together
2016-01-22Mental breakdown on the track
2016-01-21A great weekend of running
2016-01-12Half marathon training
2016-01-042 races already in 2016
2015-12-31A look back at 2015
2015-12-19a couple of days rest
2015-12-09Winter has arrived!
2015-11-26Run like a mad man!
2015-11-19Running date
2015-11-18Motivation, Motivation, Motivation
2015-10-25It's time for a catch up
2015-10-10Great Scottish Run half marathon
2015-09-25How do you prepare for a race you aim to achieve a PB at?
2015-09-22Injured or something else?
2015-09-10That was the life.
2015-09-03But I don't have time!
2015-08-31Race report: Barry Buddon half marathon
2015-08-25Train on the track, race on the road
2015-08-18Good times!
2015-08-14Race Report: Forth Road Bridge 10k
2015-08-04Lower London mileage
2015-08-03Review: IAMRUNBOX
2015-07-29What colour next?
2015-07-23Mixing things up a bit
2015-07-03Race report: Brig Bash 5
2015-06-25Short and sweet.
2015-06-17Run to the hills!
2015-06-11Race report: Dechmont Law 10k
2015-06-03Race report: Strathallan 5
2015-05-28Advice about tackling the Edinburgh marathon
2015-05-24Race report: Black Rock 5
2015-05-21Coming soon!
2015-05-14Review: Ashmei Race vest
2015-05-1270, is the magic number
2015-05-09Self transcendance 5k race report
2015-05-03Swimming - the week ahead
2015-05-01Key races and training for 2015
2015-04-27A week away in the sun
2015-04-12Grangemouth 10km
2015-04-08The past few weeks have been good
2015-04-02Review: Ashmei Socks
2015-03-22And the result is....
2015-03-16Ashmei ambassador day 2015
2015-03-11Inverness half marathon race report
2015-03-11Shortlist, Long runs
2015-03-05Cupar 5 race report
2015-02-28Scottish National Cross Country race report
2015-02-19Miles better - Running doubles
2015-02-10Devilla 15km trail race - Race report
2015-02-04Half marathon race pace training
2015-01-29Broxburn Cross Country 2015
2015-01-19One for the ladies - Sports bras
2015-01-16Pushing my running limits
2015-01-14New year, new plan
2014-12-29A look back on 2014
2014-12-23Review: Nuun active hydrations tablets
2014-12-09Cross Country and Sunday run
2014-12-05The wheels on the bus go...
2014-12-04EAC 4 mile handicap race
2014-12-04Alloa XC Race Report
2014-11-11Saughton & Meadows
2014-10-27I Amsterdam - A Marathon race report
2014-10-15Amsterdam Marathon 2014 - pre race.
2014-10-10Amsterdam - not long now!
2014-09-24Guest Blog - Cath Ferry
2014-09-10A bad idea?
2014-09-05Double trouble.
2014-08-22Festival fun
2014-08-14One Big Weekend
2014-07-22Commonwealth Games
2014-07-17More miles
2014-07-06Take over my life!
2014-06-26I Am Sterdam
2014-06-18Sunshine and Sweat!
2014-06-16Time to rest.
2014-06-03A week later
2014-05-25Blow by blow
2014-05-24This is it!!
2014-05-16Articles, Links and Blogs
2014-05-09Silverknowes 5km
2014-05-04E2NB Race report
2014-04-27Great runs!
2014-04-24Smiles and waves
2014-04-22Great service & great running!
2014-04-01Grab a cuppa.
2014-03-28National Road Relays 2014
2014-03-11Meadows Half Marathon
2014-02-27Devilla 15k race report
2014-02-24The joys of Merino!
2014-02-12New running kit!
2014-02-11Marathon training
2014-01-31cough, splutter, keep on running?
2014-01-20So tired, so very tired.
2014-01-13Another week, then it's on!
2013-12-31Looking back over the year
2013-12-16new focus, new mojo!
2013-12-05Lost Mojo!
2013-11-13500. 300. 100.
2013-11-12Glen Clova Half Marathon (1)
2013-11-08Lasswade Cross Country 2013
2013-11-01A good night in the Meadows
2013-10-31Autumn running
2013-10-22Cross Country so far
2013-10-12Braids Hills XC Recce
2013-10-08Great Scottish Run 2013
2013-09-24Life without running?
2013-09-106th place in a final!
2013-09-02Moray Half Marathon
2013-08-29Running for a club
2013-08-28Good training, good times!
2013-08-19Edinburgh parkrun and Harrison Park
2013-08-14Forth Road Bridge 10k're it!
2013-07-25A long road back
2013-07-05Balance - work, rest, enjoy!
2013-06-19Wednesday hillwork
2013-06-17Higher mileage = Happy Runner
2013-06-12Lots of miles and a race
2013-05-30Rethinking my training - again!
2013-05-29Blog about a Blog
2013-05-28Getting back to basics!
2013-05-22Club running - revisited
2013-05-19Harrison Park Sunday Run
2013-05-16Arthurs Seat
2013-05-15Loch Leven Half Marathon - Another poor race
2013-05-10Something new?
2013-05-09New aims and new focus
2013-04-30P.A.R.T.Why? It was a surprise...
2013-04-26A look back at London
2013-04-23London Marathon Done!
2013-04-16Boston Marathon
2013-04-14A week to go, another race done!
2013-04-10Virgin London Marathon 2013
2013-03-22Ever had a cone in the way?
2013-03-21Alloa Half Marathon
2013-03-05I don't do ill!
2013-03-01A busy week of racing
2013-02-18Boom! That's the sound barrier broken....
2013-02-12It's worse than that, he's dead, Gym!
2013-02-12Gladiators ready!
2013-01-17Highs and Lows
2013-01-15More miles and some Cross Country
2013-01-10Running with friends
2013-01-07Welcome to 2013!
2013-01-01A year in my shoes
2012-12-16It couldn't be done
2012-12-14Playing with traffic
2012-12-11Ice, ice, baby!
2012-12-10Shortest race ever
2012-12-05The night runner
2012-12-05Marathons and Marcothons
2012-11-30The dreadmill
2012-11-24A week in my shoes
2012-11-18Jack Daniels anyone?
2012-11-14Glen Clova Half Marathon
2012-11-05New website logo
2012-11-05What's the point?
2012-10-30What a weekend!
2012-10-26Slaying the dragon
2012-10-25Why do I run?
2012-10-22Stirling XC and Sunday run
2012-10-19Tip Top Training
2012-10-17Wet Wednesday
2012-10-16Great weekend, rubbish week.
2012-10-10Can't Touch this...
2012-10-09One week on
2012-10-07Pre-race thoughts
2012-10-07Great night for a run!
2012-10-07Pitlochry 10k race
2012-10-07The road to improvement
2012-10-07A race of two halves
2012-10-07Its dark out there!
2012-09-25On starters orders.....
2012-09-25First race on a track

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2015-10-25It's time for a catch up
2015-10-10Great Scottish Run half marathon
2015-08-31Race report: Barry Buddon half marathon
2015-08-14Race Report: Forth Road Bridge 10k
2015-07-03Race report: Brig Bash 5

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2015-10-25It's time for a catch up
2015-08-03Review: IAMRUNBOX
2015-05-14Review: Ashmei Race vest
2015-04-02Review: Ashmei Socks
2014-12-23Review: Nuun active hydrations tablets