Owain Williams

Owain trains with Edinburgh AC, is an ambassador for ashmei sportswear and enjoys taking photos while out on his runs.

The woes of an injured runner

5 weeks have passed since I injured my foot while out running in Lanzarote and I’ve been a bit quiet on here. I’ve not been running much due to the pain and I had hoped the rest would fix it. I…

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Rubbish at being injured!

Tomorrow is the 5th race of the Foxtrail Winter series. It's the big one. 13.1 miles of trail which I'm honestly really excited about, however, I am also a tad nervous. It's not the distance that I'm…

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a couple of days rest

Weeks of running, dodging puddles. My legs have said they need some cuddles. I've injured myself but nothing serious. A couple days rest is probably best.…

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