Owain Williams

Owain trains with Edinburgh AC, is an ambassador for ashmei sportswear and enjoys taking photos while out on his runs.

361 Sensation 3

A month ago I was sent a pair of 361 Sensation 3 running shoes. I've now ran over 100 miles in them and so I thought I'd put a quick review together about them. One Degree BeyoneWhat the 361 website…

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It's time for a catch up

My blogging has been somewhat lacking over the last couple of weeks and the main reason is I've been so busy running that I've not had time. A nice problem to have I guess.I've still two race reports…

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This review has been a long time in the pipeline and there are reasons for that which I will go in to later. As some of you might have read via my blog on ashmei, I am currently running 70 miles a…

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Review: Ashmei Race vest

The review As an Ashmei ambassador I'm asked to review some of the products I get to wear and this is my review of the Ashmei Merino+Carbon race vest. I live in Scotland, I train and race in Scotland.…

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Review: Ashmei Socks

ASHMEI MEN'S ROAD RUNNING SOCKS About 3 weeks ago I headed down to Ashmei HQ in Tring, England, as part of their Ashmei ambassador day and I was gifted a pair of Men's road running socks. Doesn't…

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Review: Nuun active hydrations tablets

nuun hyrdation tabs review First I will say what the nuun website says about their product, portable nuun hydration tabs allow athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and other active folks to easily and…

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